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See how our team run a LiveGrill (Double-Down)
For 80 Pax for Wisma Mendaki!

You know what they say: “there is no love more sincere than the love of food,” however, the love that holds the Mendaki group together may just be stronger than any other kind of love (yes, even stronger than the love of meat).

Formed in 1982, The Mendaki Self-Help Group has been dedicated towards empowering their community through excellence in education, and in November we were delighted to cater for their end of year celebration with a BBQ Livegrill Buffet Doubled-Down!

Our Livegrill Buffets provide a ‘fresh off the grill’ experience, with our onsite Chef’s serving up fresh and flaming BBQ delights ready to be consumed, which otherwise wouldn’t be available at regular buffets. There is a particular joy in watching your food being cooked in front of you, and that is a joy we take great pride in delivering.

A Livegrill Buffet is one thing, but meat lovers you’re going to want to take note of this. The default Livegrill package itself includes: 1 Starter, Choice Main, and Side, PLUS 6 BBQ Dishes and Drinks/Dessert! However, you can enjoy TWICE the amount of Premium BBQ quantity, including Wagyu Tomahawks, Black Angus Sliders, Racks of Lamb and Jumbo Satay… for only an additional $10 per person when you Double-Down!

Our Starters: Mixed Rojak With Rojak Sauce

For Mendaki’s Starters we prepared none other than the popular salad dish: Mixed Rojak with Rojak Sauce. What better way to start off your meal than with an eclectic mix of tangy and spicy salad, coated in its’ classic sweet, hot and spicy dressing. 

Our Mains: Spaghetti Aglio Olio

When you eat from our Livegrill Buffets, you can enjoy flavours from all around the world. For Mendakis’ main they enjoyed a doubled down portion of our spectacular and traditional Italian pasta dish: Spaghetti Aglio. The garlic-flavored olive oil, capsicum, mushroom and perfectly cooked spaghetti strands leave our customers wanting more and more!

Our BBQ #1: Rack Of Lamb

Now, this was a BBQ Buffet after all, so the first (of many) BBQ menu items included for Mendakis’ event was: a Rack of Lamb. Being able to provide true pleasure and satisfaction during a meal could not be achieved without the striking balance between our lambs texture and taste. Its strong flavour combined with the juiciness and softness of the meat, makes this dish an events must have!

Our BBQ #2: Winglets & Drumlets In BBQ Glaze

Here at EZBBQ, we believe that at your events you can never go wrong with some good ol’ fashioned chicken! With that being said, next up on Mendakis’ BBQ Buffet menu was Winglets and Drumlets. You might think ‘chicken is just chicken’, but alas you would be wrong! It’s our very own BBQ Glaze and cooking process that makes our chicken absolutely addictive!

Our BBQ #3: Yakitori Chicken Skewers

Remember what we said about good ol’ fashioned chicken? We really meant it, which is clear considering Mendakis’ next BBQ item is Yakitori Chicken Skewers! The delicious finger food is hard to resist, from its classic chicken core, to its savory sweet sauce. We couldn’t imagine our BBQ Buffets without them, and once you try one we’re sure you’ll agree too!

Our BBQ #4: Sambal Stingray

Let’s take a dive under the sea for the next BBQ menu item: Sambal Stingray. This succulent EZBBQ delight combines the flaky, yet dense and chewy stingray meat, with spicy sambal sauce in order to create one incredibly mouth-watering dish!

Our BBQ #5: Black Angus Mini Burger w Garlic Aioli

I think the one food item that everyone can agree they absolutely love… is burgers! For Mendakis’ BBQ Buffet we just had to serve up our Black Angus Mini Burgers with Garlic Aioli. The soft sweet bun, juicy meat, melted cheese, along with the most delectable sauce, made them too good to resist!

Our BBQ #6: Jumbo Chicken Satay

No BBQ would be complete without our Jumbo Chicken Satay. The deliciously marinated grilled chicken, along with its classic and fresh peanut sauce (which is a must for any true satay lover) makes this BBQ item of ours, a common favourite amongst our customers! They may be small bite-size pieces… but they are filled with big amounts of flavour!

Our À La Carte: Fried Golden Platter
& Shrimp Bombs

Our customers were big eaters and ordered additional ala carte items to make sure they filled everyone’s bellies right to the brim! So what was their weapon of choice to do so? They brought in the big guns, by ordering our Golden Platter along with our Fried Shrimp Bombs! The platter comes fired and fried up with Squid Balls, Mini-Spring Rolls, and Fish Balls!

Our À La Carte: Sambal Sotong

For Mendakis’ next ala carte item they decided to add a little spice to the sea, with our Sambal Sotong Rings. This ala carte item, along with our Sambal Stingray are like two peas in a pod; the firm and chewy sotong balances with the flaky, yet chewy stingray, and both… are utterly delicious!

Our À La Carte: Sea Prawns

Let’s take a dive back under the sea for Mendakis’ next ala carte item: Sea Prawns! These were the perfect ala carte additions to their EZBBQ buffet, following the seafood trend they seem to love. The fresh, sweet and completely meaty texture and taste of our prawns make them oh too good to stop at just one…

Our À La Carte: Otak Otak

This ala carte item is a given for any event, you know it and love it, its Raw and Spicy Otak-Otak. Mendaki ordered 100 Sticks of this savoury snack to enjoy for their event. The flavour having combined the fragrance of burnt attap leaves, the softness of fish meat and chili spices makes this a mutually loved snack for all.

Our À La Carte: Grilled Corn

Finally, no meal would be complete without… Sweet Corn! What else can I say about sweet corn other than its sweet and crunchy texture and taste is a simple one, and one we are all familiar with; however, there’s no way to go wrong with it, and your buffet simply needs it!

A LiveGrill For 80 Pax – Double Down Version
Want your Event to look like this?

Some other honourable mentions from our BBQ Livegrill Buffet for Mendaki were our Sweet Potatoes, and Iced Fruit Cocktails.

With our BBQ Livegrill Buffets we aim to create an experience that vastly contrasts from a regular buffet. For more information on Double Down December, search ‘Livegrill’ in our search bar, or email us at:!

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